Your chiropractic examination begins with a review of your medical history and evaluation of your current condition. The physical evaluation may include any or all of the following:

•  chiropractic digital palpation

•  muscle testing, such as muscle tone and strength testing

•  orthopedic testing, such as range of motion evaluation

•  neurological testing, such as reflex analysis

•  vital signs, such as blood pressure test

•  gait analysis

•  review of radiological studies



Chiropractors are trained to identify misalignments of the body's musculo-skeleton system. These misalignments or subluxations, as they are called, can cause a range of symptoms including pain, headaches, stiffness, soreness, reduced mobility and other ailments that cause an individual to seek treatment. Using various chiropractic techniques, chiropractors are able to manipulate the body into its proper alignment and restore the body's normal function and mobility. Dr. Cohen is trained in the following Chiropractic techniques:

•  Diversified technique

•  Sacro-occipital technique

•  Applied kinesiology

•  Activator

•  Gonstead technique



Many patients benefit from physical therapy as an adjunct to chiropractic manipulation. Physical therapies can be extremely effective at reducing inflammation and pain and improving the mobility and function of musculo-skeletal systems. Some forms of physical therapy include:

•  Cryotherapy (cold therapy)

•  Hydrocollator therapy (heat therapy)

•  Electrical stimulation therapy

•  Ultrasound therapy

•  Cervical and lumbar traction

•  Paraffin bath

•  Rehabilitative exercises

•  Gait training